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New DRP Logistics ‘truck’ makes its debut at the Skydome!


On Saturday night at the Coventry Skydome the new DRP Logistics Ltd truck made its debut on the ice for the regular “Chuck a Puck” slot that DRP sponsor during a period break at Coventry Blaze games.


The aim of this fun game is for fans to ‘chuck’ their foam replica pucks into the truck to win a chance of winning a Coventry Blaze season ticket!  As you can see from the video clip below, its harder than it looks!



Managing Director Rob Plaister said “The new truck was a nice surprise from the Blaze after the old one finally failed its MOT!  We really enjoy in getting involved with match nights at the Blaze, and Saturday was a great night for the Truck to make its debut as it was nearly a full house and we also had staff, customers and suppliers at match night”


DRP would like to thanks Keith Elund and Rob Coleman from the Coventry Blaze with their help in this new venture.


Rob continued “Keith and Rob have done a sterling job, all they asked me was who to name the truck after, as traditionally we name all of our vans and trucks with a name, it was only fitting we named this one after a Blaze legend Mike Egener – Eggy”


Egener retired from playing professional Ice Hockey in 2015 after winning the play off championships with Blaze.


“Eggy is a top guy, and I always told him I would name a truck after him – well here it finally is!

TruckTruck 2Truck 3Truck 4

DRP Logistics have been loyal sponsors of the Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Club since 2013


(…and just so the little fella doesn’t feel left out, here is the original Puck Truck!)


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