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Express Vans / Trucks for Time Sensitive and Urgent Shipments


Occasionally, time just wont wait, and for whatever reason your freight or goods just have to be there now! We can’t promise to deliver “now” but we will always come up with a solution for you. We have a network of UK and European partners, who run express and double manned vehicles, precisely for this type of specialised work. We work with these people on your behalf, and ensure your freight will get there when it needs to. We offer a genuine 24 hour service at no extra cost, to ensure everything goes smoothly, and if there is a delay or if you require immediate POD details, you are notified by whichever form of communication prefer. We are currently communicating with our customers on these types of shipments by Phone/Fax/Email/Text/BBM if you can think of another way, just let us know!

For more information about our Express Services, please visit the quote page.

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