24 Hr Helpline: 0845 304 9902
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Customer Services


Customer Service Support Solution Assistance Aid ConceptPerhaps the most important service DRP offer is this one, Customer Service. We will keep you fully updated, with as much detail as you require. From ringing you ever half hour to tell you how your dedicated van driver is getting on with his urgent line stop delivery, to just dropping you a POD when you require one.

We call you back, when we say we will call you back. We will know about your shipment when you first call us, and we will care about it. No call centres, no cheesy hold music or messages, just a human being going the extra mile to make sure you are kept up to date and looked after when you need to be. We are only as good as our last shipment, we recognise that, and we remember that.

Our customer service levels will be ‘exceptional’ not acceptable, but ‘exceptional’. If they are not please email me Robert Plaister, the Managing Director directly at rob@drplogistics.co.uk with details. Hopefully you should never need to do this. Of course please feel free to email me with your compliments, we also welcome your suggestions.